Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nocturnal Orgasms in Women: Dream Lovers

Whether we’re lesbian or straight, bi or transgender, once in a great moon, and if we're very lucky, we come across a person who physically, at least, is the potential stuff of our dreams. It could be at the mall, or on line at the movie theatre. It might even happen at a pre-dawn political rally somewhere as we’re trying to re-elect President Barack Obama for a well deserved second term in the Oval Office. The point is that it happens; the stuff of dreams appears like some ethereal paragon in the mist, usually when we least expect it. Sometimes, though, our “dream stuff” is a person we already know; someone else’s significant other, maybe, and a potential emotional or relationship catastrophe were we to act on it.

Still, regardless of whether or not we’re in a position to pursue said eye candy, it’s completely within the purview of every woman’s reality to explore the “what if” in our fantasies and in our dreams. And often, the very act of dream exploration itself is exceedingly delicious, brimming with heat and spice and wild, unfettered abandon.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Montreal that included participants up to the age of 89, women are just as likely to dream about sex as men. In fact, sexual fantasies, including sexual dreaming, are a regular, positive and completely healthful reality of millions of women’s lives. Moreover, the older we get, the more active and enjoyable our sexual dreaming can be with around 37% of women in the US having dreams leading up to nocturnal orgasms by the age of 45.

Dubbed “dreamgasms” by well-known sex researcher and performance artist Dr. Annie Sprinkle in her essay, Annie Sprinkle’s Models of Orgasm, this unique and awesome kind of female orgasm occurs totally without genital stimulation. “Often we dream that we’re having an orgasm, and simultaneously have one physically,” says Sprinkle. Many times the sensation wakes us up!

If this has happened to you, were you surprised? Were you receptive to the experience?

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  1. This has happened to me I think becuase I have been byself for so long

  2. It has not happen with me in awhile but I find that if I am overly thinking about sex or some woman then it happens. I experience what goes in usually comes if I am concentrated on sexual things and I do not have an outlet for it, then wet dreams are prevalent.

  3. It has happen to me and the first time I probably thought I wet the bed , now it wakes me up and I pray my husband is next to me

  4. It has happened to me and boy did I feel on top of the world. It was a dream that made me feel good for months. Actually, I haven't felt that way since that dream.

  5. I strongly believe your provocative thoughts can become reality. Also, if you watch a picture with a high sexual content right before you go to bed, you may wrestle with thoughts of it so hard until your body enacts on it.