Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tantric Sex: Eastern Possibilities

I sometimes hear postmenopausal women speak about their worries that they may have lost touch with their innate sexual passion in some scary, unexplainable but fundamental way. Sometimes there's the feeling that both their energy and interest have permanently abated, and for many of us, this can be a cause of deep and serious concern. In the course of our conversations, however, lots of women are happy to discover that learning about the practice of Tantric sex, and familiarizing ourselves with some of its techniques, can help us reclaim the sexual intimacy that's, quite literally, our birthright.

Practiced in Eastern cultures since ancient times, the word "Tantra" means to "manifest, expand, show and to weave." From this perspective, it's a set of practices thought to expand consciousness and sexual response by weaving together the polarities of male and female. Worldwide, devotees of Tantric sex number in the millions. A common thread for the vast majority of them is the belief that sex can be a doorway to the divine, and that Tantra offers the benefit of a sexual wisdom that's a resilient, vital and valuable resource, particularly as we age.

The more you learn about the practice, it becomes quite clear that Tantra, in its multiple manifestations, can also be quite health enhancing. Even more interesting, leading practitioners of Tantric sex attest that women whose male partners experience premature ejaculation often find that lovemaking becomes way more satisfying using Tantric techniques.

Have you ever had any desire to experience Tantric sex? If it's already a part of your sexual repertois, how has it changed the quality of your experience?

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  1. No I have not and it is not something I would like to explore in the future.

  2. This sounds scary and almost demonic. A door way to the divine....not going there.