Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sex After Hysterectomy: Then and Now

Many women I talk with want to know if sex is ever experienced the same way again after a hysterectomy. It’s a great question, and when you ask around, lots of women who've had the surgery are happy to share that their enjoyment of sex has stayed constant and unchanged. For these very fortunate women the “feel” of their orgasms was quite indistinguishable prior to and after their surgeries. But overall, and while individual experiences certainly vary, for so many women who have undergone the removal of the uterus (sometimes including the removal of the ovaries as well), the issue continues to be an important one long after the event.

There seem to be some common experiential threads, though. For example, total hysterectomy, a procedure that includes removal of the ovaries as well as the uterus, causes severe drops in hormone levels, which may cause women to experience sex-related issues that require intervention after the surgery. Also, since uterine contractions are a hugely pleasurable part of orgasm for many women, losing one’s uterus to hysterectomy may change the character and/or the perceived intensity of the orgasm. In addition, the removal of the cervix may change the sensation experienced by both partners, especially during deep penetration. Some women also tell me that, while still very pleasurable, their post-hysterectomy orgasms feel somewhat “shallower” and less complex than they did prior to the surgery. However, there are some witty little strategies that can be helpful here. For example, some women have discovered that coming to orgasm with a partially full bladder really helps to intensify the sensation in ways that are similar to what they remember prior to the surgery. Who would’ve thought it? But whatever works, right?

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, do your experiences resonate here? If you haven’t had one, do you think about the “what if?”

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  1. After my hysterectomy, other than those dreadful hot flashes, I did not notice any difference. I still enjoy sex just as much after the surgery. As I aged it became a painful issue for me do to vaginal dryness. I had three children before I ever had an orgasm and still today this is an issue for me. I wish that I could find a trick or two to help me in this area of my sexual experiences.