Saturday, December 29, 2012

G-Spot, Anyone?

“You have a G-spot. Every woman does. It is not a Holy Grail, a hidden treasure, or one of the lost tribes of Israel.”  

                                                                            - Rachel Venning

If I had a dollar for every time the discussion turns to questions about G-spots and female ejaculation, I might be well on my way to a pleasingly rotund retirement nest egg by now.

Still, it’s always nice to have the opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of getting to know one’s body on one’s own terms. And as everyone knows, that’s what God made hand mirrors for, right? Although the truth is, while every woman should treat herself to an occasional exploratory tour with a hand mirror, searching for one’s G-spot doesn’t require a mirror at all, just one or two dexterous fingers on one hand.

While the clitoris, with its more than eight thousand nerve endings, is a woman’s primary, most exquisite sex organ hands down (and no pun intended here) much has been said, sung and written of late concerning the mysterious G-spot, yours, mine and ours. So what is it? Where does it hang out? What does it do?

Credited with enabling some women to ejaculate, or achieve orgasm by vaginal penetration alone, the G-spot is a cluster of around 32 tiny prostate-like glands located inside a tube of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra. It’s located inside and to the front of the vagina, just above the vaginal ceiling. 

And indeed, you can find your own G-spot by simply inserting your middle finger up into your vagina and then curving your finger back towards your palm as if you were trying to touch the inside of your navel. Don’t reach too far up though, since the G-spot is usually fairly close to the vaginal entry. Once you’re in there and comfortable, feel around and explore. The G-spot feels a bit like a spongy bump, different from the surrounding tissue, and just like every other part of our anatomy, G-spots vary in size from one woman to the next.

The most common form of G-spot stimulation uses a partner’s fingers or a sex toy pressing firmly up into the vaginal ceiling with firm, quick movements. Some men can stimulate a partner’s G-spot with the head of the penis as well, but it often takes a bit of skill, guidance and practice for most men to arrive at an effective technique. And you guessed it: many women, though certainly not all, find stimulation of the G-spot extremely pleasurable.

For those history buffs among us, the term G-spot was first used around 1981, in honor of the male German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, who first theorized its existence around 1944. However, in 2001, the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology decided on the designation female prostate or prostata feminina, for use in its new publications.

And about that ejaculate, or in other words, the liquid that’s ejected during what some folks call “squirting.” Here’s the thing. Stimulation of the G-spot can, and often does, produce varying amounts of a liquid female ejaculate that can feel like urine when it’s being released. Understandably, women are frequently confused about this and mistakenly believe they’ve peed the bed, or worse for some, on their partners. Oh, the embarrassment, the shame-faced humiliation, right?

But take heart and relax! It’s definitely not pee. Research has proven that its chemical make-up is completely distinct from that of urine. Whereas most recent studies have found a substance called PSA or prostate specific antigen in female ejaculate, PSA is not found in either male or female urine. Rather, scientists believe the liquid that makes up female ejaculate may be produced by the Skene’s Glands, although the exact origin of the often copious amounts of fluid is not yet known.

Not all women reach orgasm from G-spot, or prostata feminina stimulation, however, and not all women enjoy it. Equally important, not all women ejaculate from it, and unfortunately, with the recent - and misguided - public furor suggesting that the production of G-spot ejaculate is some sort of hallmark of 21st century female sexual fulfillment, many women have placed unnecessary importance on this aspect of sexual experience. So much so that some women are seeking to have their G-spots surgically enlarged in the old, erroneous belief that bigger is always better. 

Still, regardless of its size, all evidence points to the fact that your G-spot is definitely up there, tucked away from prying eyes, in all its spongy glory. Do with it what you will. Or not… it’s totally up to you!

How has learning about your body contoured your sexual activity? Has increasing what you know about your body changed your level of enjoyment?

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  1. Hello Dr. Singh,
    I opened my email to this wonderful surprise!! THank you!! As usual, all is in divine right order as I have had a difficult week/weekend. Feelings of lonliness and fear have surrounded me blanketed with my menstrual cycle, a cold and the holidays. Or should I say in response to my menstrual cycle, a cold and the holidays? However you slice it, I have been in a funk and reading and responding to the blog is helping in the process of coming out of it. Once again, thank you, for all you do and who you are!! You are amazing...and right on time!! Happy New year to you and yours!!

    Love and Respect,
    Marnie Holmes

  2. Hi Dr. Singh,
    As usual, in the language of the old folks, I'm slo but sho. Yea, I finally got to the blog. Some very interesting stuff on here and I have enjoyed reading all of it. I have finally decided to take that risk and get intimate with an old partner of mine. Boy, it's been a long time, but I am so ready to teach him what he needs to know to hit the spot. um-hum the "G-Spot"

  3. Marion,
    I'm so glad you made it! And thanks for the kind feedback. It sounds like this is a very exciting time for you, and yes, it does feel risky when we decide to add intimacy to a relationship. But life is growth and change, right? Of course, I wish you all the best! - GRS

  4. Debra Nelli,
    Hi Dr. Singh,
    As always you have away with words and your blog is exciting and educational. I am enjoying reading all the different articles.Heather is back in college and Bob and I are doing great. Thank you again for your friendship and wisdom. You are an inspiration to us all. Much love.

  5. Debbie,

    It's wonderful to hear from you, and thanks so much for your kind feedback on the blog; I'm glad you're enjoying reading the material. Also, it's really good to hear that you, Bob and Heather are doing well. Thanks again for all the loving words of support. Suffice it to say, I miss you already and sincerely hope that you'll remain in contact. God bless.

    Fondly always,
    G'han Singh

  6. When I had first learned about my sexual activity it was kinda wired at first but I got use to it. Now know more as adult and how I really have the power to know how I want to feel.

  7. I remember the first time that I ever had an orgasm and it shocked me. No one had ever taught me that women could climax. Now that I am better educated sexually, I enjoy being able to voice what I desire to my boyfriend and it makes for a better experience for us both.

  8. I had already given birth to my first child before I ever knew what an orgasm or a "G-Spot", was. When I had my first experience the emotions were so overtaking I shook out of control, and let out a burst of "What the heck was that"! Ever since that experience I had to slow down on using my grip, pulling of the vagina muscles that helps a man ejaculate quick, to reach my "G-Spot experience first. If not it would be a let down, or a night ended in masturbation.

  9. When I first became aware of my G spot I was totally shocked. I didn't realize it had so much power behind it. Knowing and being educated about certain areas on your body will definitely open your eyes to a lot of new things. I believe that's the best orgasm to have when you have it from hitting the G spot. Well I can only speak for myself. Don't get me wrong, other orgasms are great too, but it's just something about that G SPOT!!!!

  10. I tend to search for them and pay attention to the responses received while the exploration process continues. Kind of like the "your getting warmer" game. I also have has partners talk to me about their spot and have enjoyed those talks. I am getting to old for the guessing game so I enjoy just talking about it.

  11. As I have grown older and more mature as a person and a man, my understanding of the contours of a woman's body and my willingness to explore it (with the one I trust) has made for more pleasurable sexual experiences with my wife. The emotional, spiritual, and mental bond we share that makes the intimacy and passionate we experience on an entirely different level than anything I have ever experienced.

  12. As I matured and learned my body making love became more enjoyable. Knowing my body and how to be positioned has helped with being multi orgasmic.sgardner

  13. I truly love my body and have explored it with my husband as much as possible. We enjoy learning new things with each other. I am fascinated that he makes my body feels so great and I enjoy. There is nothing like having great sex and having a great orgasm.