Florida Via the Bronx 
and the Catskill Mountains

Originally from New York, I’m currently a sun-worshipping mother of three and grandmother of three as well. 

In what sometimes seems like a previous incarnation, I began writing about Human Sexuality during my doctoral research by taking a deep, unflinching and extremely revealing look at the complicated nexus between blackness, whiteness and contemporary performances of cross-racial sex in the US.

Since then, as a sex-positive feminist who regularly teaches and lectures about all aspects of Human Sexuality, the scope of my work has evolved in exciting ways to include  

Non-fiction Projects


Feminist Erotica for Postmenopausal Women

From a vantage point that privileges smart, complex,
empowered women over the age of 55, I maintain an ongoing attachment to creating steamy erotic plotlines featuring the vibrant, vivid and unapologetic freedom of postmenopausal women’s sexuality.

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